Stay posted. I recently deleted a lot of old writing on here. Most of it was bad or tired so I cleaned slate. Other than writing I am trying to bring my photography, and editing for both photo and video into a more learned and practiced arena over the next few months.

I’m starting a creative writing journal, to boot. I don’t think there will be much of an audience for it so I’ll write entries directed not to my future self or any bullshit, but just to talk at nothing, like talking at a wall. Or at a plant, like Mark Wahlberg hilariously did in that horrible movie about airborne plague. There’s a tranquil way about talking to a wall, I’ve found. A kind of strange way, like how I imagine staring into ultraviolet light while wearing sunglasses would feel– not at all healthy or safe, and only therapeutic because staring into the sun with sun glasses is bad ass.

I think I saw Jose Canseco tweet about staring into the sun one time. He then complained his head hurt in that very same tweet. That is the writing style I need to reach for. A stream of consciousness in complete, earnest, and unrelenting stupidity.